A pterygium is a benign, fleshy tissue that grows over the clear cornea. It may remain small causing no symptoms or may grow large enough to cause irritation, redness and ultimately interfere with vision. A pterygium most commonly occurs on the inner corner of the eye, but can appear on the outer corner as well. A pterygium occurs more commonly in people who have had significant sunlight (UV rays) exposure over time (spending time outdoors, especially in sunny climates).  Environmental factors such as chronic eye irritation from dry, dusty conditions can lead to pterygium growth. 

Management of Pterygium

Treatment for a pterygium depends on the severity. In mild cases, the redness and irritation can be minimized with lubricating eye drops. If it becomes cosmetically unacceptable or causes irritation and blurred vision, surgical intervention is warranted. 

During pterygium surgery, the fleshy growth is surgically removed, the underlying cornea is smoothened out to remove any scar tissue if present and a conjunctival or amniotic membrane graft (derived from human placenta) is used to decrease the chances of pterygium growing back. The graft is held in place with a special glue so no stitches are needed. 

Pterygium Treatment from the Best!

To avoid recurrence of pterygium, Dr. Goyal uses a technique of an autograft, where she harvests a piece of your own tissue with stem cells and transplants at the site of the excised pterygium in order to decrease the risk of recurrence close to zero. All this is done without using a single stitch!

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers..

How much does pterygium surgery cost? Pterygium treatment is generally covered by medical insurance.

Is pterygium surgery safe? Pterygium surgery is very safe and successful. It is possible for the pterygium to grow back but there is 97- 99% chance that with our technique for pterygium removal, you will be completely cured of your pterygium. If regrowth were to happen, it can simply be removed again.

What will my eye look like after pterygium surgery? It is highly likely that within few months after surgery your eye will look white and clear making it difficult to tell about the surgical eye.

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