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Lorraine Lopez

“I had been thinking about getting LASIK for several years but it wasn’t till I damaged my glasses in a hiking situation, that spurred me to make the leap. When I got my consultation, I was impressed at the depth of the studies and forthright responses to my questions by Dr. Goyal. I never felt rushed or pressured into surgery. Her team was amazing and the procedure was a breeze. The next day getting ready for my post op visit I could have cried. I could see leaves in the trees, cars down the street, my own features in detail…

Lacresa Davis

“Dr. Sunali Goyal is an amazing ophthalmologist. She has wonderful doctor/client communication, is caring, empathetic, an excellent surgeon, intuitive diagnostician and up to date on the latest treatments for her field. I have gone to her for four plus years during which she has treated me for cataracts, dry eyes, and retinal monitoring. She has personally performed my own cataract surgery and my vision is excellent today.

Vijay N. Koli, MD

Past President, Bexar County Medical Society
Past President, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin

Almost two years ago, I was referred to Dr. Sunali Goyal by another ophthalmologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center. The reason for referral was a potential complication.
She performed surgeries on both my eyes. She took more than double the time to finish the procedure. Two weeks later, after the second operation, in the postop period, she said, “Today, I earned my money.”…..

Bill Nichols PhD

Let me tell you how good Dr. Goyal is and how much I trust her abilities. She performed successful cataract surgery on both my eyes when she practiced in San Antonio , TX. I have Fuch’s Dystrophy and am facing possible corneal transplant surgery. When that time comes, I will be coming to FL for her to do the surgery. I am a portrait artist , so my vision is extremely important to me. Once, when I was in her clinic and a technician had taken me from the exam room for testing, my wife was left in the exam room with Dr. Goyal. She watched as Dr. Goyal carefully calculated certain measurements. My wife commented to her about the meticulous nature of what she was doing. Dr. Goyal paused and said to my wife, “Your husband has entrusted his vision to me, and what I do must be perfect.” It was. She is the best—highly skilled and deeply compassionate. Bill Nichols. PhD

Cornea Donation Saves Rogers Man’s Vision

This article was originally published by Jim Harris at March 10, 2016 | Organ donation is an incredibly personal and tremendously impactful act of kindness, but Jim Harris already knows that on a profound level. “Without the generosity of a donor, I would have lost sight in my eye,” …

Alyssa Gonzales

Dr.Goyal is so amazing, she changed my daughter’s life at just 3 months old! Not only has she done 1 cornea transplant on my daughter she has done both eyes and now my daughter is able to see so much more! She cares for her patients so much. I would …

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