Lorraine Lopez

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“I had been thinking about getting LASIK for several years but it wasn’t till I damaged my glasses in a hiking situation, that spurred me to make the leap. When I got my consultation, I was impressed at the depth of the studies and forthright responses to my questions by Dr. Goyal. I never felt rushed or pressured into surgery. Her team was amazing and the procedure was a breeze. The next day getting ready for my post op visit I could have cried. I could see leaves in the trees, cars down the street, my own features in detail…all without lenses. I went from 20/250 to 20/15 acuity in both eyes. I followed her directions to the letter and healed up beautifully. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I’ll always be grateful for this new sight. I would recommend friends and family to her without hesitation.”
-Lorraine Lopez

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