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Harvard trained eye surgeon recently launched her new practice in Central Florida and surrounding areas. Your eyes are important to every part of your daily life. So, when your vision or eye health is affected by disease, aging, injury, environment, profession, lifestyle, emotions, or another condition, it can profoundly affect —and limit — your life. Whether you need cataract surgery or LASIK surgery or any other simple or complex eye surgery, or suffer with severe dry eye, or have an eye disease or simply want to see better, we are here to help. 

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Cornea and Cataract Consultants of Orlando is one of the premier eye care and LASIK centers in the Central Florida. Dr. Sunali Goyal is a master clinician, astute surgeon, innovator, scientist, Harvard trained, board certified and award-winning cornea, cataract & refractive surgeon with more than ten years of experience. Over the years, she has performed hundreds and thousands of cataract surgeries, LASIK surgeries and corneal transplants (to name a few) with excellent surgical outcomes. This experience and her well-earned expertise makes her one of the finest, most established and trusted eye surgeons in Florida. With her focus, sharp clinical acumen, scientific rigor and hard work, she has been able to achieve unprecedented clinical and academic success in her career.

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Our Care Philosophy

‘Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well’
– John W. Gardner.

Dr. Goyal believes in ‘excellence’ for her patients. She believes that ‘excellence’ is not a skill, but an attitude, habit, and culture. She cultivates a spirit of ‘excellence’ in everything she does. Her care philosophy is ‘Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence’.

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Why Choose Us?

Experienced and well trained, compassionate, and comprehensive and LASIK eye surgeon 

Professional Connoisseur in severe dry eye disease and corneal pain with scientific and clinical background in Corneal Immunology

Expert in Pediatric Cornea to treat children of any age group for rare medical conditions such as Peters anomaly, corneal dystrophies, corneal scars, herpetic eye disease, traumatic corneal injuries etc.

Physician of the Physicians. Eye surgeons and eye professionals, cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, oncologists, family doctors, internists and physicians of various other specialties have entrusted their eyes to the experienced surgical care by Dr. Goyal.

Expert in ocular graft-versus-host disease that is a common cause of chronic morbidity after stem cell transplantation.

Expert in specialized procedures that very few other eye surgeons in Florida offer, such as laser cataract surgery, implantation of artificial cornea (Boston Keratoprosthesis), limbal cell transplants, PRK, clear lens extractions, limbal relaxing incisions, wavefront-guided LASIK/PRK etc. 

Referral for patients from other ophthalmologists. Dr. Goyal receives referrals from her colleagues to treat rare conditions such as corneal pain, severe dry eye, corneal transplant rejections, complications associated with LASIK and PRK, Stevens Johnson’s syndrome, Fuchs dystrophy etc.

No Insurance? No Problem!

Committed to her motto of providing ‘eye care for all’, Dr. Goyal offers her world-class expertise to uninsured and underinsured patients. We believe everyone deserves access to affordable & quality eye care regardless of the situation. Whether it is comprehensive eye care or intraocular pressure check or follow up for your macular degeneration, or a recent eye injury, or any other acute or chronic condition, Cornea and Cataract Consultants are here to help. No one is denied the help they need! Call our office now to find out about our 100% Interest FREE Financing. We will do everything we can to help you afford the eye care treatment you deserve!

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